About Us

We are foundawtion



The dawoffice architecture studio created foundawtion in June 2014. For the studio, and therefore for all of its members, it is a journey of both learning and knowledge, a journey that we are sharing with all of our friends. They are becoming part of this journey too and the forces that drive this project are no longer from one single source.

It is a not for profit organisation that carries out projects that meet the architectural needs of economically disadvantaged areas.

David García and Tarek Masri are the founders. The board has a simple relational structure made up of Javier Royo, Luis García, Luis Morón and Carmen Revilla. Foundawtion is not only the fruits of their efforts, but lives through the collaborative spirit of all our friends who have wanted to be part of it who are all inseparable and indispensable at the same time.

We created foundawtion WITH THEM, and we can grow it WITH YOU.


We want you to form part of foundawtion and we encourage you to join in as you wish: become a partner in foundawtion with monthly contributions of your choice or make a one-off donation.


Foundawtion foundation

We want you by our side as we believe that the best way to do this is by trusting in YOU.



All the money raised goes directly into the projects underway. We do not spend anything on intermediaries as throughout we work directly on the ground the whole building process in order to guarantee good use of the funds, which are used to purchase work materials and employ a local workforce.

Both the design and supervision of the building project is carried out by foundawtion volunteers.

The cost of construction as of today is estimated at 202,500 euros. Here we detail the breakdown of costs per Awla (classroom).


We have a policy of total transparency integrated throughout all phases of the projects. We know how difficult it is to raise money so we believe it is essential to guarantee that all that efforts is treated responsibly.

And as we must talk about returns, let’s talk about how the good deed that you offer our project can also benefit you or the organisation that you represent.



Abigeil Freire, Aina Tugores, Álvaro Sobrino, Allison Malinsky,
Andrés Altamirano, Anna Enrich, Bárbara Barrera, Berenice Díaz,
Borja Font, Carme Farreras, Claudia Abbad, Cristina Hernández,
David Jiménez, Elías Torres, Elisa Ciria, Enrique González, Flavita
Banana, Gina Sallent, Guille Cascante, Imma Molas, Irene González,
Itxaso Elorduy, Jacinto Moros, Javier Mariscal, Jesús Amengual,
Jordi Castaño, José Antonio Martínez Lapeña, Josep Maria Mir,
Josep Piñot, Juanma Alfonso, Juan Miguel Ramírez, Juli Capella,
Laura Pérez, Laura Castañer, Manel García, Marc Morro, Maria
Dald, Marga García, Marian Sandoval, Marta Botín, Marta Feduchi
Noemí de la Peña, Oriol PC, Óscar Cabrera, Pablo Amade, Pablo
Garriga, Pepa Reverter, Ramón Úbeda, Ricard Mombiedro, Rodoric
Molins, Sonsoles Llorens, Toño Merinero, Tosca Salinas,
Violeta Linares.

The “oil stain” has also impregnated dozens of friends who have left
their occupations to move to Thionck-Essyl and put their two cents
working on the work.

And the children, the teachers, the authorities and the people
of Thionck-Essyl. We appreciate their generosity and kindness
in giving wings to the use of your image to spread the project.

Thanks to all of them.