Mariscal in Senegal, with foundawtion

Lluís Morón and Javier Royo proposed to travel with them to Senegal to get a closer look at their project, Foundawtion.
The Foundawtion is a Foundation to build a new school to study high school in Thionck-Essyl. I did not hesitate, I loaded my pack of pads and pencils, and I went with them for a week. I was going to do a masks workshop with the kids.
The masks workshop with the children was an unrepeatable experience, imagination and joy were reflected in all the works. UUAA! Hurrah for the children!
Every walk, every exit or just sit and watch all that gave me material to take notes and drawings, some of them are around here. A selection of digital drawing Printed on William Turner paper.
When you buy a picture you are helping to put more bricks and make this collective dream possible. A wonderful school, large, spacious, beautiful and pleasant for the future high school students of Thionck-Essyl. Worth it.

Javier Mariscal
june de 2017


On Thursday, July 20, make a gap in your agenda and join us in the inauguration of the exhibition of drawings that Javier Mariscal has done to help in the construction of the school we are raising in Senegal.

If you can not come, you can buy the prints, from July 20, on our webstore.



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