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Foundawtion’s projects are a reality thanks to donations from companies and individuals, as well as volunteers.

With your contribution you will help to promote concrete and real projects such as the new Bajankusoor vocational training centre in Thionck Essyl, Senegal, of which we tellyou the latest news below.

This is a project with which we want to help activate the local economy; a trade schoolto help families in the area to set up new businesses and become self-sufficient. Workhas already started, by the architectural firm dawoffice and the patronage of Teknia.

We have decided to improve the project with the aim of achieving a project that ismore appropriate to the local reality and to take advantage of the opportunity toimprove some of the construction aspects and simplify the execution. We are currently rethinking the constructive and formal design.

Constructively, we are exploring new techniques that are more appropriate to the local reality. In this sense, we are going to use tapial, a hybrid construction technique between the vernacular construction of the area and the one we know in Europe. The way of building with hand-compressed earth can make use of contemporary construction techniques and tools that allow us to standardise the vernacular process. In this way, we will be able to train people in new techniques that are more adapted to contemporary times by using local resources and means.

Formally, it has been decided to modify the project to rectangular buildings. The furniture and machines are better adapted to these shapes; the workshops and classrooms gain in functionality and make better use of space. A rhythm has been sought that responds to the structure, the formwork, and the openings for ventilation and natural lighting. The buildings are arranged on the plot in such a way as to respect the existing trees as much as possible and to fit into the landscape.

We are in the licensing phase and will begin construction of the first volume in the coming months.

What will your donation help with?

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Namaqua Kalahari Children’s Home

We want to build a building so that 50 boys and girls have a home where they can eat, sleep, play and study, away from the mistreatment, humiliation and even rape to which they are habitually subjected.

“Kasumai” by Goroka:  a short film about the Thionck Essyl community and  CEM Kamanar



CEM School Kamanar

The CEM Kamanar project began in Barcelona in 2014, when David García and Aina Tugores, architects from the dawoffice studio, met with the authorities of Thionck Essyl and made the decision to build a new secondary school. The aim was to solve the overcrowding in the only secondary school existing in Thionck Essyl at that time.

Art Workshops

The aim of the workshop is to learn the hook technique to create small rugs…


Company Workshops

En 2019, la economista y especialista en gestión de empresas Gemma Aguyé realizó…

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Tres contenedores para Namibia

Acaban de salir hacia Namibia tres contenedores que transportan mobiliario, iluminación, ventiladores, menaje de cocina, colchones, farolas, papeleras… material cedido por varias empresas para amueblar Namaqua Kalahari Children’s Home, el hogar de acogida para niños y niñas que estamos construyendo en Gochas.