Kamanar exhibition at Espacio 88

Last 16th June, Espacio 88 in Barcelona hosted the collective and solidary exhibition Kamanar. It celebrated the inauguration two years ago of the CEM Kamanar, which included the exhibition “Nueve Chaises S” and the short film Kamanar.

“Nueve ‘Chaises S'” customized by:
Claudia Valsells, Javier Mariscal, Simon Sepúlveda, Joshua Perkin, Klas Ernflo, Flavio Morais, Maria Pratts, Guim Tió y Antonio Ballester Moreno.
*Chaise Sis the chair designed for the students of the CEM Kamanar school and produced by carpenters from the community of Thionck Essyl.

‘Kamanar’ short film, directed by Anna Huix and produced by Goroka:
‘Kamanar’ is a short film highlighting the importance of education in Senegal, through the eyes of five very different characters but with a common link: CEM Kamanar y Thyonck Essyl.

Show of the DawOffice architectural project of the CEM Kamanar school based on models, samples, photos and different field material.

Kamanar show at Espacio 88. Photo Yosigo.

Special thanks to:

Soon in Tokyo
Espacio 88

*Chairs are for sale. The full benefit will go to the two projects now underway: Bajankusoor Training Center (Thionck Essyl, Senegal) y Namaqua Kalahari Children’s Home (Namibia).

If you are interested, please send us a message at info@foundawtion.org

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