Due to the pandemic, Foundawtion ceased activities in Senegal, closing the work and repatriating all the volunteers.

In the face of the Covid’19 crisis that was approaching our country, Foundawtion though about how we could help in the field of education in Spain. We saw that there were many students that could not follow virtual classes, as there were no computers available in their homes.

We contacted all the friends of Foundawtion to locate second-hand laptop computers, and the selling process of articles from our online shop was activated.

For logistics, we had the cooperation of the courier company GLS.

Furthermore, snowboards decorated by different artists -from the Taules & Taulons collection from one of the trustees – to help obtain resources for the campaign. More than 40 snowboards have been sold.

With all the resources obtained and the solidarity of the friends of Foundawtion, we have been able to buy 100 new computers and collect more than 75 second-hand ones.

Thanks to help from Labdoo they were cleaned and activated, so they could arrive to the schools that needed them.

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