Nutrition Workshops

2019. May. Drying fruit workshop

Pepi de Boissieu and Natalia E. San Martín

CEM Kamanar

At Thionck Essyl, they do not know about drying fruit (mangos or tomatoes for example), so a workshop was conducted both for adults and children. It is a technique that may help the conservation of many foodstuffs that are currently wasted in the area.

Also, we also considered with them the possibility of selling this type of dried product that, according to the workshop participants, could sell well either door to door, at the market, or in specific areas such as the hospital, school, haberdashery, pharmacy, etc.

About what is already being done.

There will be other nutrition workshops planned for the future.

▪ Rice workshop.
▪ Cooking workshop.
▪ Sourdough bread workshop.
▪ Optimal management of the allotments.

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