Drying Oven

Under development

The project for the construction of a drying oven for fruit and vegetables is at its initial stages, and will be developed in the future.

The idea of its two main drivers, Pepi de Boissieu and Natalie San Martín, is to put into service an industrial oven for drying fruit and vegetables, which was already in the area but was disassembled and out of service. Its dimensions are approx.: 2.5 m x 1 m x 1.40 m high.

At Thionck Essyl, they do not know about drying fruit (mangos or tomatoes for example), so a workshop was conducted both for adults and children. It is a technique that may help the conservation of many foodstuffs that are currently wasted in the area. The workshop confirmed the interest for this finished product, that would perfectly fit within their day-to-day life (for children to take to school, for women to cook at home, and for stocking up when this product is out of season).

Also, we also considered with them the possibility of selling this type of dried product that, according to the workshop participants, could sell well either door to door, at the market, or in specific areas such as the hospital, school, haberdashery, pharmacy, etc.

About what is already being done. The idea is to create the infrastructure to boost the economy in the area, and different ways of generating wealth and promoting knowledge of new conservation techniques. The aim is that the project can be managed by a group of women, so that 10 women will be part of the project and will self-manage the profits from these sales. Additionally, there is a large allotment per neighbourhood perfectly managed by the women and at full production, which will help keep it at full capacity.

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