CEM Kamanar Furniture

During the construction of the CEM Kamanar school, the Marc Morro studio was in charge of furniture design.

From the outset, the idea was to develop a collection of pieces that met all the typological needs required by the school: not only desks and chairs for students, but also shelves, cupboards, stools, desks for special classrooms, benches, tables etc. And always working on two scales, for children (students) and adults (teachers). During more than a year travelling between Barcelona and Thionck Essyl, all the collection was designed, tested and manufactured.

Just like the construction of the school, the furniture would need to be made locally, both in terms of materials and labour. Thus, from the beginning, the idea was to create pieces that were simple in terms of design, materials, manufacture and repair. In this way, the entire collection consists of two wooden sections, plywood for the surfaces and screws as joining elements. Everything is cut to 90º and, with the joins visible, it results in more efficient production and balanced comfort.

From the start, there was not a rigid set of ideas, but rather some starting-point guidelines to build on when producing some of the pieces. In parallel to the design and during production, a Manual was created containing all the information necessary to produce the collection: basic plans, exploded view, screw placement, step-by-step assembly instructions… so that it might be used to literally, or not so literally, make any of the pieces independently at any time.


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