New frame

These days, the people of Thionck Essyl are seeing more and more “alulums (‘whites’ in the Djolà language), the foundawtion family has more and more members and are really keen to build.

Only a few weeks ago we started this year’s phase and we are already seeing the progress. During this time we have been preparing the ground to build 9 more Awlas, and, in little more than a week a new framework has been put up which will allow us to build more CEB (compressed earth block) vaults. The Awla prototype which we completed in the previous phase has allowed us to learn and teach how to build this type of structure and all of this knowledge is helping us to improve the building system.

Perfecting the frame is key, since this is the structure which acts as a mould and lets us give the exact shape to the main structure of the Awlas. In total, we will have 3 frames as the other two will be built over the next few weeks.

Don’t miss out on the project’s progress. Go foundawitos!

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