Sample workshop with JaviRroyo

This week a sample workshop is taking place, organised by Javirroyo with the students of the Kamanar primary school, the future users of the secondary school that we are building in Thionck Essyl.

In this workshop, the students will learn to describe images of their daily life there: their relationships with their family, friends, and school and about their idea of the future. A comic strip workshop where they describe their day-to-day lives, or anecdotes that they have experienced to do with school and their life there.

Subsequently, Javirroyo will relate and draw the experience, including a selection of the children’s artwork and stories which will form part of the Thionck Essyl school’s history book.

The funds raised by the publication of the book will be used towards the building. This way the boys and girls that participate in the workshop will have contributed to the book and, therefore, participated in the actual building of the school at which they will then become students.

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